Making the walk to school safer

26th January 2014

I have been working closely with volunteers*, the Parent’s Association, and the management of St. Laurence’s School in Delgany, to reduce traffic congestion and to make it safer for children to walk to school.

I’m sure we would all agree that children should be able to walk to, and from, school safely. Unfortunately, this is not the case at St. Laurence’s School. And because parents don’t feel it’s safe for their children to walk to school, they drive instead. This leads to more traffic congestion and, in turn, a less safe environment for pedestrians. We have been trying to break this cycle at the school with a number of initiatives designed to help.

The initiatives include:

  • A pilot scheme to trial a dual flow system to the front of the school.
  • The Garda helped with ensuring that cars stopped at the pedestrian crossing at the school.
  • Wicklow County Council has cleared away all the vegetation that was covering the school signs on the Applewood approach.
  • Wicklow County Council has also filled in the potholes on the road coming from Delgany, meaning less cars swerving and driving on the other side of the road..
  • Tidy Towns Delgany have cleared away the leaf litter off the paths.
  • A large consignment of hi-viz vests, drawstring bags and rucksack covers has been requested from the RSA and should be available for distribution shortly.

Initiatives being considered include:

  • A walking school bus (by extending the existing Walk on Wednesdays).
  • School bus.

The communal effort which has involved parents, staff, Tidy Towns, the Garda and Wicklow County Council has made a huge difference in terms of safety and shows what can when all stakeholders work together.


* A big shout out must go to Emma O’Neill who has done huge work on this project with me – thanks Emma.