A New School for the Charlesland Area

24th March 2014

Stephen Donnelly and I have been campaigning for a new primary school to be built in or near Charlesland for over a year. Greystones, Kilcoole and Delgany are served by a local system of superb primary schools, but the growing population continues to put great pressure on these schools. Last year the Department of Education supplied additional resources to several local schools, who were good enough to agree to expand their junior infant intake. However, this is a short term solution to a long-term challenge.

The analysis above shows that, demand will continue to grow over the coming years. Stephen’s office has had numerous interactions with the Minister’s office and with Department of Education officials, and will continue to campaign for a new school to be built. The Department has agreed to prioritise the analysis of the Greystones and Delgany area and to examine the case for a new school. It is our view that a new school is inevitable, based on the growing population, and so it should be built as soon as possible, so as not to damaging the existing primary schools by asking them to take too many children. The new school would primarily serve the populations of Charlesland and Eden Gate, which do not currently have sufficient provision.

If you have any questions on the drive for a new School in Charlesland, please call me on 01 2017300 or drop me an email.