Bringing jobs, green space and innovative companies to Greystones

25th March 2014

Artists Impression
Artists Impression showing the Greystones Park, with Shoreline on the right

Myself and Stephen Donnelly have unveiled an ambitious plan for the redevelopment of the IDA land on the Mill Road in Greystones, which would deliver jobs and amenities for the community.

The plan includes:

  • Office space for innovative hi tech companies;
  • A public park; and
  • Numerous walking and cycling routes and links to the sea.

Over the past two years, Stephen Donnelly and I have met with chief executives of high-tech SMEs, the IDA, international property consultants and others to understand what is needed to develop the IDA land to create high quality jobs for Greystones and the surrounding area. The response has been hugely positive.

Plan Sketch
Illustrative Sketch of the Park and Innovation Campus (Shoreline at top left-hand side)

Many stakeholders, including the IDA, prospective employers, local entrepreneurs and members of the community agree that the plan for an innovation campus and a public park would provide a wonderful community resource and has the potential to locate many hundreds of high-quality jobs in the areas in the coming years.

The public park is an important part of this plan. There is very little public green space in Greystones and we believe that the park would not only be a great resource for the community but also attract high tech companies and their families into the area.

Our aim is to target tech-based companies that have grown past the initial start-up phase and are looking to expand. We’re being told that this type of tech company doesn’t currently have a home in Ireland. Employers who we’ve talked to in this sector have been impressed with what Greystones has to offer. Our job now is to talk to all stakeholders including the IDA and Wicklow County Council to find ways of making this project happen.