Greystones: Where the Work-Life Balance Works!

4th April 2014

I was delighted to see the huge support and positivity for the Greystones Strategy on Wednesday night. This meeting  was the next step in the Greystones Strategy and followed large scale public consultation last year on what kind of town our community wanted Greystones to be and what direction we would like to grow in.

Stephen Donnelly gave a detailed presentation on the project to date, how the community inputted into the Strategy and how that information was used to develop an overarching strategy and themes for Greystones.

Stephen Donnelly presentation_Page_09


The three key themes identified during our consultation:

(1) Sports and Lifestyle;
(2) Creative Enterprise, and
(3) Local Landscape.

These themes can provide a direction for community development in the town and will mean that there will be joined up thinking in how we move Greystones forward. Ideally, projects undertaken in the town will fall into one of the themes above – which will strengthen and build upon the huge potential in the town. This Strategy is an inclusive initiative and for every member of our community.

A number of presentations followed, which gave the audience an update on work already underway. These presentations included talks on:

  • Proposed Innovation Campus and Park on the IDA lands on Mill Road (Jennifer Whitmore),
  • Proposed Community-led Design Statement for the town (Grainne McLoughlin),
  • The Burnaby Park Project (Colum O’Broin, Chair Tidy Towns), and
  • The Strategy Brochure (Gary Berney, President of the Greystones Chamber).

We also got the opportunity to hear from Joe Crockett (Kilkenny County Manager) who outlined many of the community projects that are underway in Kilkenny at the moment. These projects were inspirational and really showed how a community can incorporate its heritage into a modern and progressive city.

Following the presentations, there was a very interesting Q&A session, where the audience got to quiz all the panelists on their presentations and offer some feedback on the Strategy.

To move this Strategy forward, we need your help.

We need ideas for projects and we need help making these projects happen. If you think this is something you would like to get involved in, please email me at [email protected]


Many thanks to everyone who came out on a cold, wet evening to be part of the future of Greystones. And thanks to Gerry and the Charlesland Golf Club for (yet again) providing us with a fabulous venue, free-of-charge.