Need for improved accessibility at Kilcoole, Greystones stations

8th April 2014

I have written to the Chief Executive of Iarnrod Eireann to raise concerns regarding the accessibility of both Kilcoole and Greystones train stations.

Access to Kilcoole Station is via an old-fashioned turnstyle type gate. It is impossible for a wheelchair user (or indeed a buggy) to access the station through this gate. I have been told that previously a metal gate adjoining the turnstyle was unlocked and could be used. However, this gate is now permanently locked and access is solely via the turnstyle.

There are also accessibility issues at the Greystones Dart station. If a wheelchair user wishes to catch the train at the weekend, and there is no attendant on duty, they have to call Bray station and get an attendant to travel from Bray to help them on board. In addition, they have to use their own mobile phone to contact Bray, as there is no ‘Help Point’ intercom system, which I have been advised is standard at most train stations.

I hope that Iarnrod Eireann will address these concerns so that all train users in the Kilcoole and Greystones area can have equal access to our rail system.