Greystones Library to Close on Fridays

3rd July 2014

From tomorrow, 4th July, the Greystones Library will be closed every Friday until January.

This is due to the retirement of a staff member from the Greystones Library and the fact that Wicklow County Council (WCC) is unable to replace that person because of the 2009 public service embargo.

A staff member from a different library (Local Studies Library in Ballywaltrim, Bray) is being transferred to Greystones to prevent as much disruption to services as possible. Unfortunately, Greystones Library will still have to close every Friday. The Local Studies Library in Bray will also have to close in the short-term as a result, which will impact greatly on local historians and researchers.

However, I have been told that the closure is to be a short-term measure and that service should be resumed by January at the latest, as a staff member will return from leave at that point and this will enable the position of Assistant Librarian in Ballywaltrim and Local Studies to be restored.

In addition,  WCC have also applied to the Department of the Environment to fill a number of vacancies in the Library Service and if successful, the position could be restored within a few months.

To help speed the resolution of this along, Stephen Donnelly has asked Brendan Howlin for a derogation on the public sector hiring embargo in relation to Greystones Library, which will allow WCC to fill the positions asap.