Whitmore slams reported cuts to council funding

4th July 2014

Independent Councillor Jennifer Whitmore has expressed concern at reports that the Government will cut local authority funding to Wicklow County Council from 2015.

“In 2015, 80% of the local property tax collected in Wicklow is due to stay in the county. As we pay a high rate, compared to other counties, this should mean a welcome increase in funding and service provision in the county. However, recent reports indicate that the Government intends to reduce other forms of funding to counties that pay relatively high rates. This means that Wicklow won’t see any increase in the overall money available for service provision or benefit from paying such high local property tax.

“This is particularly worrying as Wicklow County Council has one of the lowest spends per person in the country. In 2013, the per capita spend on the residents of Wicklow by the local authority was €679. In Dun Laoghaire they spent €802 per person.

“The full impact of this still remains unclear as the Government will not announce funding to Wicklow County Council until October, whilst Councillors must make a decision on whether to reduce local property taxes in September.