How to make Kilcoole Station wheelchair accessible in 1 easy step

18th July 2014

Sometimes it’s the little changes that can make the biggest difference. This is one of those instances.

The train station in Kilcoole is not accessible to wheelchair users or people pushing buggies. It is not accessible because access is via an old turnstile gate. When I questioned Iarnrod Eireann about this, they responded saying they didn’t have the resources to make the station accessible. They repeated this in a letter to Stephen Donnelly TD, stating that it would cost e170,000 to make the station wheelchair friendly. This e170,000 included making upgrades to car parking, road surfacing and ramps in their costings.

These upgrades are not required to make the station accessible. It’s a simple matter of removing the turnstile gate. I have written again to the CEO of  Iarnrod Eireann (see below) to request that they make this simple change.  It would mean a huge amount to wheelchair users, and parents of young children, in the town.

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Letter to CEO of Iarnod Eireann

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