Grants to plant trees available from WCC

28th July 2014

Message from Wicklow County Council:

Wicklow County Council will again be grant aiding the planting of trees by Tidy Towns, Residents and Community Groups in 2014.

The maximum grant payable may be up to 50% of the cost and is payable when the work is completed. Maximum grant available in 2014 is €500. Reckonable expenditure would include the cost of the trees, ties, stakes and fertiliser but does not include the cost of the planting.

PLEASE NOTE: At this stage the completed application form (attached) should be accompanied by a sketch/map of the estate, town or village showing the location of the proposed planting. A written estimate of the cost from your supplier itemising the type of trees etc. will have to be submitted in order to determine the amount of grant to be allocated.

The grant is for the planting of deciduous trees not shrubs or flowers. Preference will be given to species that encourage biodiversity and /or are native. Fruit trees may be an option or native hedgerow species that will encourage wildlife. Applications that favour smaller trees rather than expensive standards will be given preference in funding.

Payment of the grant will be made to successful applicants when receipted invoices are submitted at a later date, to be announced.

Closing Date for applications : Monday 1st September, 2014

Application forms are available from:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1890 222276

For further details/explanations please contact Environmental Awareness Office 1890 222276 or email [email protected]
Apologies in advance if you receive this email more than once as you may be on more than one contact list.