Library Positions Get Approval

1st August 2014

Independent Councillor Jennifer Whitmore welcomes news that approval to fill Executive Librarian positions in Greystones and Blessington libraries has been granted by the Department of Environment.

Whitmore: ‘In July, when a staff member from the Greystones Library retired, Wicklow County Council was unable to replace that person because of the 2009 public service embargo. This resulted in the closure of Greystones Library on Fridays and the full closure of the Local Studies Library in Ballywaltrim, Bray.

‘Many people contacted me concerned about these closures and the impact that they would have on the local community, which I raised with the Council. Stephen Donnelly TD also raised the matter with Minister Howlin and I’m delighted to hear that Wicklow Count y Council has just received approval to fill a number of positions, which will be advertised shortly. Hopefully, this will mean that the recent closures can now be reversed.