Greystones commercial rate multiplier to be dropped

6th August 2014

The commercial rates multiplier of 3.05 that applies to businesses in the Greystones area will be removed in 2015.

Up to now, an additional 3.05 was added to the Wicklow county rate to cover the costs of the Greystones Town Commission. This increased the commercial rate from 76.78 to 79.83. Many businesses in Greystones felt this was an unfair burden on the businesses of the town.

While this move won’t result in a huge decrease for most businesses, it is a welcome step in the right direction. The table below gives an indication of the savings that can be expected.

More importantly, the removal of this multiplier is part of an overall equalisation of rates by Wicklow County Council. The equalisation process will take between 5 and 10 years to complete and will mean that there is only one commercial rate for the entire county.

Commercial rate table
How will your rates change?

Over the coming weeks, there will be a lot of discussion at council to decide how best to equalise and what rate to apply across the county.

I would like to hear from you regarding the commercial rates, how they affect your business, what it would mean to you if they were to be lowered or raised (the latter is highly unlikely).

You can email me at [email protected], phone me on 086 6634747, or pop into me in Stephen Donnelly‚Äôs office (beside the Dart Station) if you would like to talk further.