Whitmore initiates review of unfair NPPR charges

15th October 2014

Independent councillor Jennifer Whitmore has proposed a review of the Non-principle Private Residence (NPPR) charge, after it emerged that the NPPR charges collected by Wicklow County Council amount to €2,000,000.

“I believe that the NPPR was unfair in some instances and that the penalties that applied to non-payment were excessive. It was an annual charge of €200 on properties where the owner was not resident from 2009-2013. However, penalties for non-payment were incredibly high – if you never paid any money towards the NPPR, you would have owed €7,230 by September 2014. That e6,230 interest!

“I have dealt with a lot of people that had to rent out their home, and move back in with parents or move to a cheaper rental because they could no longer afford the mortgage. These people who were forced out of their homes were liable for the NPPR. And as this was a ‘self-declaring’ charge, a lot of people were unaware that they were liable. They were also unaware of the high penalties they would have to pay.

That’s why I proposed a review of the NPPR charge in Wicklow.  The NPPR payments will be reviewed by the recently established budget committee, which I was selected to sit on. I’d like to thank my fellow councillors for supporting the idea.