Greystones Playground should be Extended

30th October 2014

At this weeks’ Municipal District meeting I asked Wicklow County Council to extend the playground on Mill Road in Greystones to include the grassed area that currently sits within the boundary of the Municipal District offices.

I’m delighted to say that the Council have given in principle support and are now looking into the cost of moving the fence.

With limited funding available for playground upkeep and development, this is a low cost way of improving the playground, ensuring that more people will get to use it and is a much better use of council facilities. The playground on Mill Road is very busy and its not uncommon that children have to queue to use the equipment. It is also a small playground, in light of the size of Greystones.

I recently undertook a consultation to see what issues people would like to see addressed in the town. One of the main ones was playground development. I’m delighted to take those suggestions and to work with the council to make it happen.