Update on Roadworks at Killincarrig Rounabouts

4th November 2014

I have had quite a few people contact me about the roadworks at Killincarrig. I have spoken to the Council and the following is an update on progress.

Surfacing works on the road will be carried out tonight (4th Nov), tomorrow night and Thursday night, weather permitting, with hopefully line marking done on Friday.  This is to avoid excessive traffic congestion from the large machinery required to carry out this work.  This, I am led to believe, should see the end of the traffic management on the road.  Surfacing works on the footpaths should commence next week.

There have been some unavoidable delays caused by bad weather and also ensuring that Irish Water drinking water services are fully operational and rationalized prior to final surfacing.  Involving Irish Water at this stage makes sense though and means that there should be no further need for Irish Water to dig the road back up again in the near future.

There has been an additional delay to the installation of the Zebra Crossing Lights. This delay is due to the Town Engineer upgrading the lights so they will now have low level flood lighting provided on them. This will avoid the issue of poor visibility of pedestrians at the crossings during hours of darkness, which we have experienced at the other existing crossings (particularly the lights in Kilcoole).

So, hopefully its only another few days before the road is back to normal.