Q&As with Eircom’s Paul Bradley

18th December 2014

Last week, Paul Bradley, Eircom’s Director of Corporate Affairs, met with the Municipal District  to present the latest information to local Councillors about the eFibre roll-out.

We didn’t have much time to ask questions, but here’s the answers to the ones I managed to get in:

Has the eFibre roll-out in Greystones been completed ie if a premises in Greystones has not yet received eFibre, does this mean they won’t get it? Many people have come to me and told me that there area has yet to receive eFibre (despite promises that they would get it) – areas like Redford and Rathdown.

The eFibre roll-out in Greystones is essentially complete. 34 out of a planned 36 cabinets have been installed in Greystones. 2 remain to be installed – these are based around Church Road in Greystones. Some estates were not able to be connected for varying reasons. One of these reasons is that fact that these estates are connected directly to the exchange (direct-fed). In order to connect these, a new system will need to be approved by the Regulator. Approval is being sought at the moment, but will take 8-12 months to complete.

Will a service be provided to outlying areas such as Templecarrig?

Eircom will not provide eFibre to these areas in the short term – they are relying on further Govt funding to deliver to the less areas.

Many people have come to me saying that their connections are not as fast as they were promised and that they are disappointed with the service. Does Eircom have any contractual obligations for certain speeds etc?

No – there are no guarantee of speeds in contracts. The speeds advertised were maximum speeds available.

What is the status of the Fibre to the Home program – when will it come to Greystones?

There is no schedule for the FttH yet but it will be demand led and a premium priced project.

Paul finished off by saying that Greystones ‘is well served with a high-end broadband solution”. I’m not sure everybody would agree with this assessment….