Whitmore calls for text messaging service

11th January 2015

Update:  At today’s Council meeting, I put forward a motion that WCC sets up a text messaging service to enable contact with both the commercial and residential community in the event of an emergency.

The officials agreed to look into this and to report back to the Council. When I hear more, I’ll let you know. I think this is a really important thing for us to do, so I am very keen to see it implemented.


Tomorrow, Monday 12th January, is the first Council meeting of 2015.

I have the following motion on the agenda: ‘That the Council implement a text messaging service to enable contact be made with both commercial and residential persons in the event of an emergency’.

The reason I have put forward this motion is simply that I believe that the Council needs to able to quickly and easily contact the community if they need to. Over the past year, I have seen a few instances where a text messaging service would have proved invaluable – for example, when the algal bloom resulted in the water being shut off in Greystones last May, none of the businesses were aware that had happened. They did not know that when they came into work in the morning, there would be no water. Similarly, when Kilcoole main street had to be closed  unexpectedly for road works, very few of the businesses were informed. It would even be useful in letting communities know when  roads closures are in place due to fallen trees – something we’ve seen alot over the last couple of days.

Text messaging services are not unusual or expensive. The Gardai operate one, as do many schools in the area. I think that this service would be very useful and I hope that my fellow Councillors support me in this motion tomorrow.