Parking in Greystones: Let’s make it easy to shop local

26th January 2015

An issue that people raise with me again and again is the paid parking system in Greystones. Whilst I understand that we need some sort of parking system that prevents commuters parking in the shopping area, I do believe that the system we currently have in place is too costly, too inflexible and does little to encourage people to visit and shop in our town.

In April 2014, I wrote to the Council to request that the paid parking system in Greystones be reviewed and to make suggestions for a more flexible, business-centric approach (letter below).

Following my election to WCC, I have continued to raise the need for a review of the paid parking system.

I have put forward the following motion at tomorrow nights District meeting: That a report be provided outlining the annual/monthly income derived from paid parking in Greystones, including the provision in tabular format the average weekly income broken down on an hourly basis; and that this report form the basis of discussions by the members of a revised paid parking scheme in Greystones.

I believe that we should make it much easier to shop local in Greystones and support our businesses.