Greystones District Meetings – Motions

27th January 2015

The  following are motions I have put forward for discussion at the Municipal District Meetings.

January 2015:

  1. That a report be provided outlining the annual/monthly income derived from paid parking in Greystones, including the provision in tabular format the average weekly income broken down on an hourly basis; and that this report form the basis of discussions by the members of a revised paid parking scheme in Greystones.
  2. To request a reduction of the speed limits in the Templecarrig area, in recognition of the condition of the road, the increased traffic using the area, and the support for this which has been previously demonstrated by residents, Gardai and local Town Councillors.
  3. That the Council report on the condition of the paths, roads and ramps in Redford Park and update the members on plans, if any, to address any identified shortcomings.

December 2014: No meeting.

October 2014:

  1. That the Council examine (and cost) the possibility of extending the playground on Mill Road, Greystones to include the grassed area currently within the boundaries of the Town Council Offices. (RESPONSE: Agreed).
  2. That the Council report on the progress of opening the link road in Holywell, Kilcoole, including outlining what road safety measures, if any, are to be put in place in response to concerns raised by local residents, and what the timelines are for those works.
  3. That the Municipal District request a meeting with Eircom representatives to discuss the roll-out of eFibre in the District, including timelines for connection.  (RESPONSE: Agreed).
September 2014
  1. To ask that the Council circulate a report to members before each meeting of the Greystones District outlining projects that are to begin work the following month, and to provide status update on projects that are underway. (RESPONSE: Agreed).
  2. To request that a tree management strategy for the District be developed. (RESPONSE: To be sent to for full Council approval).
  3. To ask that the CCTV at the Dart station be inspected to ensure that it is in full working order. (RESPONSE: A review of the CCTV policy across the county is underway and this will form part of this review).