Do you have slow or no broadband? Tell the Department…

30th January 2015

Do you think your Broadband is still too slow, despite being signed up to ‘fast’ broadband?

Did you think you were going to be signed up to a high quality broadband by now but it hasn’t happened?

The Dept of Communications is doing a consultation on their National Broadband Strategy. They have identified all the areas that will have high quality broadband by 2016 via commercial providers such as Eircom  (usually urban areas) and those that are in more rural areas that will need the State to assist in broadband provision.  These areas are coloured blue and amber respectively on the map found here  

National Broadband Plan

Search for your address: You can search for your individual house on the map by inputting your address. This will show whether you should have access to high speed broadband (over 30MB) by 2016. In the areas of Greystones, Delgany, Kilcoole and Newcastle, the rollout of eFibre is complete, so that essentially means that you should have your eFibre connection by now if it is possible.

If your address is shown on the map as being in a blue area and having high speed broadband, but it doesn’t, please contact the Department and they can chase it up for you with the commercial providers in your area.

Let them know: Fill in the form at to let them know!