Latest on the New Primary School

8th March 2015

Here’s the latest from the Minster on the new primary school in Greystones (in response to a parliamentary question asked by Stephen Donnelly).


From Minister Jan O’Sullivan, 4th March:
The first step in the establishment of the school in question is the determination of a patron to operate the school.  This process, which is overseen by the New Schools Establishment Group, has commenced.

The closing date for the receipt of applications from Patrons and prospective Patrons is the 20th March 2015.  I will announce the outcome of this process as soon as the application process is complete.

In the meantime, my Department is working to secure temporary start-up accommodation for the school.

My Department is also working with the local authority with a view to acquiring a site for permanent accommodation for the school.  There are commercial sensitivities associated with land acquisitions generally and I am not in a position to provide further details at this time.