Taken-in-Charge: what does it mean for your estate?

1st May 2015

One question I am asked all the time is what does it mean when your estate is taken in charge by the Council? Does it mean that the Council will now maintain and mow your green spaces etc? Unfortunately not. Here is an official explanation of what it means when the developer signs over your estate to the Council.


Once an estate is Taken-In-Charge by the Council, the Council assumes the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of public services, such as roads, footpaths, sewers, lights, etc..  in the estate. The Council also Take-In-Charge the open spaces and they are included in their public liability insurance but they do not maintain them. The maintenance of the open spaces is generally taken on by residents/residents associations. The main difference for the residents once an estate is Taken-In-Charge is that should they have any issues regarding the public services, such as damaged footpaths, sewers backing up etc.. they can bring these to the attention of the Area Office rather than the developer.

In addition, the Taking-In-Charge of water services and sewers is the responsibility of Irish Water and, once Taken-In-Charge, any issues relating to these would be dealt with by them rather than the Council.