UPDATE: Greystones Community National School

24th July 2015

The Greystones Community National School has taken another step closer to being fully operational with the appointment of its principal this week. I would like to congratulate the new Principal of Greystones Community National School, Rory Kinane, on his appointment to the position and welcome him to Greystones.

The announcement of principal is great news for parents and pupils also as, now that a principal is in place, the structure and set-up of the school can start taking shape.

Principal Kinane will be in contact with all parents early next week to talk through the start up process and answer any questions. He has also told me that:

  • Uniform for the first year will be a basic uniform, without a crest, that can be bought in local shops.
  • The school will put together the booklist asap.
  • They intend to┬áprovide all equipment, pencils, crayons in the initial days so children just need to bring their bags and their lunch at first.
  • The school, at present, qualifies for a second teacher (due to their enrolment figures) and the Principal aims to begin the appointment process in the coming weeks.
  • The Principal hopes to have a school start date when he contacts parents next week.

Planning permission has been granted for the Rugby Club and the temporary accommodation will be ready in time for the start of the school year.