We need your help to make St. Laurence’s Road safe!

1st February 2016

Anyone who has ever traveled Chapel Road in Delgany will know how dangerous that road can be for pedestrians, particularly school children trying to access St. Laurence’s National School.  In the next fews months, it is my belief that this road will become even more dangerous as we will see a new road from the Blacklion being opened. 

I have been working with the Stephen Donnelly TD, Wicklow County Council, local residents, St. Laurence’s, the National Transport Authority (NTA) for a number of years to try to get funding to widen the paths on Chapel Road to enable pedestrians to walk there safely. Funding was given in principle support by the NTA late last year, but this agreement was pulled just a week or two later. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the safety risks faced by pedestrians and school children every day on that road are not well enough understood- otherwise, I believe that the funding would not have been pulled for this project. Stephen and myself are committed to get this funding back.

But, We will need your help to do it.

We need the local community, and those that really understand how dangerous the road is, to email the Minister and the Chief Executive of the NTA and to tell them. A bullet point with a personal story, or a photo will do – its doesn’t have to be very formal. But something that describes your experience of the road.

Send this email to:

We believe that if enough people email that this will put the necessary pressure on the Minister to fund safety works on the Chapel Road.