Can we make the Cliff Walk even better?

24th May 2016

Last week, I used the power of Facebook to find out what things you would like to see improved (if any!) on the Cliff Walk. I think the general consensus was that this is a fabulous amenity, and aside from little tweaks, it should remain pretty much as is…thanks to everyone that provided comments and suggestions – I will pass this onto the other members of the Cliff Walk Committee at our next meeting.


Do you have any suggestions as to how to improve the Cliff Walk?

The Cliff Walk Committee and Wicklow County Council is undertaking a condition survey of the Cliff Walk, with plans to improve it as a recreational facility and we would love your input!

If you PM me, or just add a comment here, I’ll put any suggestions you have forward to the Committee members at our next meeting, thanks Jennifer


  1. A few seats along the way would be fantastic for those would like to walk it but needs some breaks . Cutback the nettles and shrubs more regularly , some signage on the history of greystones and bray might be nice
  2. The council workers have the place in great shape compared to other years up there at the minute, the wooden footbridge is in tatter’s , it could do with being replaced/ fixed fairly sharp, bit more signage as have seen plenty of first timers not really sure which way to go , at cliff manor turn off and Redford crossing, a few bins along way too wouldn’t go astray!
  3. Walk it in the rain someday ,note the areas that constantly form into large puddles ,simple drainage in these area,dig them out ,fill with stone and dig slope away to cliff face .
    Proper signage at end pointing to village,signage at windgates pointing to upper walk which leads to Bray head
  4. A small bit of work at the top of climb as it reaches the top path looking over greystones would be great ,a few natural looking steps would make it very accessible
  5. The timber footbridge over the little stream is breaking up ,a little stone bridge or stepping stone feature would be good I think
  6. Agreed, signage for alternative routes isn’t great and the puddles on a rainy day are a little bit of a challenge!
  7. A decent sign at the redford railway crossing, telling walkers left is the walk, right will lead you into redford park,walked three French tourists out of here last Saturday.It happens alot! It would only take one sign.
  8. Apart from that,fix the broken down bits,fix up the fencing, without making a mess of the veiws,i have seen people asking for it to be paved for buggies and the likes,kids aint in buggies forever,but the appeal of the walk is its rawness. Please use a bit of sense, and dont do to much!
  9. Make it safe,make the walk into Greystones look better,a few bins and signs,and a trim more than every 3 years.
  10. A treasure hunt / nature trail along the way numbered so children or adults have to find numbers along the way with interesting facts or view points. Information sheets could be downloaded and printed out before people go or they could use their phone. Cheap cheerful and interesting fun facts and informative.
  11. Handrails at the steps
  12. Apart from a few small things it’s perfect,don’t change something people love in an adverse way just for progress sake ,the council should definitely look at the walk from the point of view of people arriving in greystones too ,its not rocket science to provide proper bins for litter and dog dirt not to mention parking !It’s perfect and heavenly just the way it is!!!
  13. Properly link it to the upper walk across the top of Bray head? There is a path, but it’s overgrown and unmarked.
  14. It’s great as it is its so natural.
  15. Delighted Jennifer to see this post, I just love doing the cliff walk especially in this fine weather, I enjoy both jogging & walking it, but it would be great in places if it was a little more flattened in areas underfoot for the runners & joggers out there that use it, must admit I find it dangerous and would be nervous of sprained or broken ankles. In some areas its got sharp jagged peak like boulders underfoot than an accessible walk way. I might be the only one that finds this slightly off putting but there goes, just a point that might make a difference. Thank you.
  16. Sturdier railings on some of the more dangerous parts/broken rails. Also, the wooden walkway, the part that is like a small bridge, it’s splintered and worn. My son tripped on it and it was more dangerous than if he fell in just muck/stones.
  17. Oh God .those dreaded words..(we are here to help)How about leave it alone..its already a protected area..its has goats..hawks.badgers foxes .thousands of breeding rugged..thats its appeal..thats whats made it popular..theres plenty of other stuff around that needs protecting.
  18. I’d agree that I’d like it to basically remain as it is but I wouldn’t mind poo bins and some. Smoothing of some of the path for wheelchair users.
  19. My husband tells me the plywood bridge on the walk is crumbling and needs attention soon. He says the Cliff Walk is Great as it is. But the layout at the Grove confuses many (first time) walkers coming from Bray. They are confronted by a big ditch. There’s a bad twist on the path and they think it’s a dead-end path into a private field. Many think they have to go over the level crossing and up the road. He says people are always there asking him which way to Greystones. If the ditch was cut straight through it would be obvious the way down to the Harbour.
  20. A cycle path to connect up with Bray Seafront new cycle path
  21. Hi Jennifer, in relation to the Cliff walk, I walk this a lot and have noticed that at weekends and summer months there are a lot of groups using it such as students, scouts, youth clubs. I think it would be a good idea to widen it where possible or have lay-byes along it as it’s difficult to pass or get out of their way with the dog when these large group pass by. Also the Bray side needs some surface dressing as the hardcore is showing through and makes it very rough, grand if you’re in hiking boots but most users are in ordinary footwear. It’s an absolute treasure of a walk to have on our doorstep with spectacular views. Generally speaking there is not much litter on it but few bins along the way wouldn’t go amiss.