Charlesland Youth Project

11th September 2016

A little note to fill you in on a great project that I am working on with a group of local parents, youth workers and educators in Charlesland.

I think anybody that knows Charlesland will know what a lovely, tight-knit community it is developing into. In the last few weeks alone, parents have organised a Mini Soccer league that 150 children were involved in; and a Multi-cultural day for children and adults alike. These great initiatives all originated with local parents, and were huge successes.

The one thing that these initiatives demonstrated though, was that there are lots and lots of young children living in Charlesland. And in a few years time, there will be lots and lots of teenagers in Charlesland. With no services or things to do, especially if they aren’t all that interested in sport.

So, a group of local parents, youth workers, educators and myself have gotten together to see if we can address this. We are hoping to get a youth centre for the area but this is a long term project and will be dependant on getting funding. We have taken advice from the Kildare Wicklow ETB about the best way to go about a project of this kind, and the first step is to formally demonstrate the need for a youth centre.

We will be conducting a needs analysis (essentially a mini-census) on the 25th September to identify exactly how many children there are in Charlesland and what ages they are. Once we have this, we will look at existing services in the area and conducting focus groups with parents and teens about what they would like to see. All this information will form the basis for a project proposal, that we could then try to get funding for.

So, if you would like to help us collect the information, please drop Jessica Bird an email on CHLYo[email protected] Hope to see you on 25th in Charlesland!

Photo by Charlesland resident, Shane O’Brien (thanks for letting us use your fab pic Shane!)