National Children’s Hospital and it’s Impact on Wicklow

3rd November 2016

Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore has expressed concern at the glossing over of the impact that the building of the new National Children’s Hospital will have on the residents of Wicklow.

Cllr. Whitmore said: “Last week’s local paper ran a two-page advertisement from the National Children’s Hospital group, the body responsible for building the new children’s hospital at St. James’s in Dublin’s city centre.james_ad

In the advertisement, they outlined what the new hospital will mean for the children of Wicklow. It spoke of how non-emergency cases, such as fever and vomiting, would continue be treated in Tallaght, whereas life-saving and limb-saving treatments will take place in St. James’s.

Cllr. Whitmore continued: “However, this is not the full story. St. James’s Hospital will become the new Accident and Emergency hospital for the children of Wicklow. All children from Wicklow that require transport by ambulance will have to travel into the city centre to St. James’s Hospital. Tallaght Hospital, from a paediatric perspective, will be downgraded to cater for minor cases only. It will not cater for overnight stays. It will have only six daytime observation beds available and children requiring overnight care will have to be transferred to St. James’s each evening. This could mean two hospital journeys for sick children in the one day as Tallaght will not be able to monitor them overnight.”

“I do not believe that the parents of Wicklow realise that St. James will become our new A&E and will mean a journey into the city centre when our children are sick and at their most vulnerable. I would like to see an honest discussion on what the decision to build the national children hospital at St. James’s will mean for the parents and children of Wicklow. The time for that discussion is now before construction of the National Children’s Hospital begins.”