Charlesland Youth Survey – Results!

22nd November 2016

Well, after a bit of number crunching, the results of the Charlesland Youth Survey are in.

Firstly, I would like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone in Charlesland that took part in, or helped out with, our Youth Planning Survey. We heard from nearly 500 houses, which means we collected a huge amount of information about the number of children and their ages in Charlesland. This email is an update on what we found out from the survey and to outline what our next steps are.

Here’s out we found out (see graph): 

In the 487 houses we contacted: 

  • There are 441 children (0-18 yrs);
  • Of this, there are 226 children aged between 5-10.

Assuming these figures are representative across the entire 1500 no. of houses in Charlesland (but excl. apts), there could be over 600 teenagers aged between 10-15 in 5 yrs time.

This is a considerable number of teens and now is the time to start planning and making sure that Charlesland has the resources and services necessary to support them. That is why we conducted this survey – we believe that Charlesland needs a Youth Centre and, I believe, that these figures support that.

In order to present a argument for funding a centre, we are pulling together a Youth Needs Analysis for Charlesland. The survey was Step 1.

The next steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Child survey Complete
  • Step 2: Focus Groups Mid-February 2017 
  • Step 3: Existing service provision

We will be conducting Focus Groups in mid-Feb. We will have both adult and teen (12-15 yrs) focus groups, to assess what kind of services you would like to see and what is needed.

In the meantime, I will raise this issue with the Council and other Youth Service providers.

Thanks, Jennifer & the Charlesland Youth Planning team (Jessica, Dermot, Mark, Caroline & Rory).