Whitmore condemns Government failure to include all Wicklow in rent cap

26th January 2017

Cllr Jennifer Whitmore, of the Social Democrats, has condemned the failure to extend new rent certainty measures to all of Wicklow.

Under new measures, landlords can’t raise rents by more than 4% a year in certain designated areas. Initially only Dublin and Cork were designated areas. Today, 23 more towns were added to the list, including Bray, Enniskerry and Wicklow. However, other Wicklow towns, such as Greystones, have not been included.

Cllr Whitmore said, “I’m very surprised and concerned that the Government has not extended the rent certainty scheme to all of Wicklow. Rents in the county have increased to the point that they are unaffordable for many families. These families now face a very uncertain 2017, unsure whether they will face high rent increases or not.

“It is blatantly unfair that tenants in other parts of the country will benefit from these new laws but a large proportion of Wicklow tenants lose out. The Government should be protecting all tenants equally. They should apply the 4% limit right across the country and not favour some tenants over others.