Whitmore welcomes Innovative Car Sharing for Greystones

3rd August 2017

Social Democrat Cllr. Jennifer Whitmore welcomed the addition of innovative car sharing company GoCar to Greystones this week.

GoCar is a car sharing company that enables people to hire a car on an hourly basis via a website. All insurance, tax, fuel (up to a certain limit) is included in the the €8 per hour rate. Cllr. Whitmore first raised the potential for a trial of the car sharing company in April of this year with the District Council and sought to have the option of car sharing facilities incorporated into the recent parking by-laws for the county. 

Cllr Whitmore said “Car sharing is a innovative idea for people who may need a car occasionally but don’t want to have to buy a car or deal with costs of tax, insurance and maintenance. It could also replace a family’s second car, as that car usually ends up sitting in the driveway and doesn’t get much use. Research has shown that each shared car replaces between 10-15 private cars.”

Whitmore continued “This is only a trial at this stage, being undertaken with the support of the Greystones District Council, and I hope that the residents of the area feel that it is a useful addition to the town. People can hire the car via the www.gocar.ie website.”